Dataminers unearth an updated version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ desert map

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ 1.0 update – that’s the one with the long-promised vaulting and climbing – is out now on test servers, and dataminers have uncovered new details, including an updated desert map and a few new vehicles, within.

Battlegrounds’ version 1.0 hit PC test servers earlier today, following a several-week delay, and its arrival has given eager dataminers the chance to poke around its innards in a bid to unearth previously undisclosed information – and that’s precisely what they’ve done.

Top of the list of discoveries is an updated look at Battlegrounds’ forthcoming, and highly anticipated desert map. It’s the second time that a work-in-progress version of the map has been located and dissected by dataminers, but this new version offers a presumably more up-to-date – if not near-complete – look at its design.

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