Living in Sneakers | My Favorites

1 Robert Clergerie Tasket Sneakers
2 All Birds wool runners
3 Women by Common Projects Achilles Low
4 Vince Blair sneakers
5 Vans classic slip-ins
6 Veja

All I want to wear lately are sneakers.  Flats, platforms, runners, whatever, just give me a comfortable pair of sneakers and I’m good.  The problem is that just by virtue of the fact that they’re “sneakers” doesn’t mean they’re comfortable.  I’ve tried almost all the “trendy” and not-so trendy brands, old-school sneakers and more, and here are my thoughts.


Besides my Nike Free RN shoes, which I bought and wore new to SLC last year and logged upwards of ten miles a day in, my Vince Blair sneakers have been just about the most comfortable shoe I’d ever worn.  I sized down a half size to a 7.5 in both pairs of my blair sneakers I bought when they first launched, and wore both pairs until I couldn’t wear them anymore.  My sister has two pairs of Vince Blair sneakers and loves them as much as I do.  They never let me down.

Recently, I needed to replace my final pair of blair sneakers and wanted to try the Warren style, which has a bit of a platform and a more narrow look.  I tried the technical weave (nylon) pair last year and sized down like I do with Vince and they were much too small so I sold them.  A couple weeks ago I ordered the suede Warren shoes from Shopbop in my true size (8) and I’m not sure they’re as great as I’d hoped.

As soon as I put them on, I remembered why I love Vince sneakers – they’re cushioned and it feels like you’re walking on air.  I wore them around at home for a couple of hours and they felt fine, so I decided it was safe to wear them out.  And I have no idea what happened, but after wearing them just an hour or so, I thought they felt too small, or maybe just too narrow at my toes.  But I didn’t give up, I tried to wear them again, and sometimes they’re okay, sometimes they feel too tight.  I think my feet are still getting used to shoes after a summer of Birkenstocks?

Anyway, I can’t take them back because I’ve worn them outside, but I’m not sure they’re going to work for me.  They feel good on my feet generally, but also constricting.  I never got any blisters from wearing them, which is another testament to the padding and leather.


I have the All Birds runners – Kotare Birch – in my true size and I’m interested in the loungers in SF Gray.  Nothing but amazing things to say about my runners.  I’m wearing them now in Denver and they’re warm and cozy.  Slightly less comfortable generally then my Nike Free RN sneakers, but not by much, and I love that they’re warmer and I don’t have to wear socks (have I mentioned how much I hate socks?).  The birch color I got shows dirt, etc., rather easily, but I don’t mind that.  I haven’t tried washing them yet. I like these so much, I’ll probably get the loungers also, they’d be great for traveling, and I’m tempted to use them at home for slippers.  I’m trying to phase out my UGG boots when they wear out, I’m not interested in purchasing sheepskin anymore, so I think these will be a nice replacement.

Common Projects

I have the Women by Common Projects – Achilles Low.  These are my newest sneakers, and I love them.  I do have some rubbing on the back of my left heel, so I padded it with moleskine, but otherwise, these are very comfortable in my “true” European size of 39.  I love the tonal grey and the “slim” look of the sneaker.


I tried the “classic” Vans slip ins – which turns out aren’t really black & white, and I thought they were a bit wide/big looking on me.  I wanted to love these, but I didn’t.  My size, 8, fit, but might have been a little wide for my feet.  They just looked big on my feet I think, and I had a problem with the cream/black instead of WHITE/black checks.  I know…over time the white would’ve turned “dirty” anyway, but I didn’t want to start out that way, you know?

Golden Goose

Okay, I will admit, I LOVE the look of Golden Goose sneakers and have for a while, even though they’re way too cool for me.  So, I wanted to try them, but was really nervous about the sizing and the price, so I bought a pre-loved pair from the RealReal earlier this year in a size 39.  They fit, but might be a little big;  I do much better with a 38.5, as in Robert Clergerie, but fewer and fewer designers are doing half sizes anymore.  I was really intrigued by the terrycloth lining  and the hidden wedge that GG sneakers have in them.  I love the lining, and the way the hidden wedge makes my legs look, but I think because the 39 is a little big on me, my heel slips up more because of the hidden wedge, if that makes sense.  And GG sneakers are SQUEAKY!! That’s really a thing.

Anyway, I’m glad I finally tried a pair of GG sneakers, but I certainly don’t think they’re comfortable enough to warrant their full price.  If they were…I’d be in trouble. Because like I said, I love all the colors they come in (even the glitter!!) and I would be tempted to own more than one pair! Apparently some people think they’re the most comfortable sneakers EVER (rolls eyes), but on me, not so much.

Robert Clergerie

I’m a Robert Clergerie super-fan and find their shoes to be the most comfortable and well-made I’ve ever owned.  I bought the Tasket Sneakers late in the summer and they were excellent right from the start.  I do think they might be a little big on me in the 38.5 (my normal RC size), but they fit nicely with an insert in and lightweight footies. They’re not heavy at all for being a platform, and I love the extra height 🙂


I could never get Veja to fit right, and I thought the leather/canvas was really stiff, no matter the size or style I tried, and I tried several.  I love that they’re a more sustainable and environmentally conscious choice, but that’s no good if I can’t wear them.  I’ve heard similar from other people, but then I still see them raved about on blogs.  so…


Nike Free RN – these are my go-to sneakers for walking Dagny, and/or travel when I’m going to be walking a lot, unless it’s cold, and in that case, I’ll wear my AllBirds. I CANNOT wear the AllBirds when it’s 90 degrees out…no way.


I also have Eytys Mother canvas sneakers. I’ve had these in my “true” size for a while, and I love the simple look and the slight platform, but they’re not always super-comfortable.  Again, I think my feet are temperamental (age??) and maybe don’t love being constricted in shoes as much as they love being “free” in one of my many pairs of Birkenstock sandals LOL.

Okay…your turn.  What are your favorite sneakers? Do you wear sneakers?  What have you tried and loved? Not loved?

Oh, I forgot!! I do want to try Tretorn, I like their basic white style.  I also tried superga and thought they were really heavy and didn’t fit right.  I also love these by Rachel Comey 🙂

SOURCE: Grechen’s Closet – Read entire story here.