Xbox One Chatpad Clone Now Available From New Dream

Nothing is worse when you’re on your console and you need to type something into a text box. Suddenly something as simple as typing in your email address turns into a lengthy ordeal. Okay, so maybe it only takes 30 seconds as opposed to 3, but still, it’s an inconvenience. The Xbox 360 had a handy little accessory that sped up the process, by giving you a tiny keyboard attached to your controller. Sadly, Microsoft hasn’t shown much interest in bringing back the Chatpad for the [Read Entire Story]

$30 devices adds a head-up display to any car, no smartphone required

One of the coolest features in many luxury cars these days is the head-up display (HUD). These nifty systems beam important information onto a small area on the windshield at the bottom of your line of sight. This way, you can see things like speed, RPMs and engine temperature without ever taking your eyes off the road. Want a HUD in just about any car you already have? Check out the Head Up Display HUD by Frontier, which is available on Amazon for $30. Here’s what you need to know from [Read Entire Story]

Our favorite ultra-thin iPhone X case has been sold out for weeks, but now it’s finally back

The Pitaka Magcase for Apple's iPhone X is by far our all-around favorite iPhone X case. It's made out of a real body armor material called aramid, so it's incredibly strong and yet lightweight. It's also remarkably thin, adding almost no bulk to the iPhone X compared to cases that offer comparable protection. We covered this great case a few weeks ago and readers got so excited that it completely sold out. Well, we have some good news: it's back in stock right now... with Prime shipping! [Read Entire Story]

Nyko Data Bank Adds 3.5” HD Support To Your PS4

The days of buying a new game, rushing home, popping it into your console and playing it right away are all but gone. Now we have to install games to the hard drive, in order to keep loading times to a minimum during gameplay. Sure, we all hate staring at the little bar, waiting for it to reach 100% so we can play, but there are plenty of things you can do to pass the time. One of the other downsides to installing games is, of course, the limited hard drive space. Sony has been the best about [Read Entire Story]