Rare 1915 Film Shows Claude Monet at Work in His Famous Garden at Giverny

Long ago, we showed you some startling footage of an elderly, arthritic Pierre-Auguste Renoir, painting with horribly deformed hands. Today we offer a more idyllic image of a French Impressionist painter in his golden years: Claude Monet on a sunny day in his beautiful garden at Giverny. Once again, the footage was produced by Sacha Guitry for his project Ceux de Chez Nous, or "Those of Our Land." It was shot in the summer of 1915, when Monet was 74 years old. It was not the best time in Monet's [Read Entire Story]

The Thoth Tarot Deck Designed by Famed Occultist Aleister Crowley

Back in 2014 we featured a short primer and documentary on the life and work of Aleister Crowley, also known — at least to the British press of the time — as "the wickedest man in the world." The name rings a bell to just about everyone, and for many of us summons up vague notions of a life dedicated to the promotion of alternative morality or paganism or trickery or some kind of relished evil, but how many of us can name one of Crowley's works? The best-known occultist-artist-mountaineer of the [Read Entire Story]