Popular Chrome extension is secretly mining cryptocurrency

Have you heard of cryptojacking? It's the practice of secretly using your computer's resources to mine cryptocurrency without the user's permission. ; Typically, you'll see the practice on shady websites — popular Bittorrent site The Pirate Bay appears to have experimented with it at one point — but a cryptojacking program has recently been found in a popular Chrome extension. ; SEE ALSO: The top 10 tech stories of 2017 BleepingComputer reports that Archive Poster, a Chrome extension [Read Entire Story]

Hoofoo is a hack-proof Bitcoin wallet

Cryptocurrency is all the rage these days, considering the amount of security and anonymity attached to it. One who is interested to explore the world of Bitcoin can look forward to Hoofoo, which is actually touted to be the very first hack-proof Bitcoin wallet in the whole world when it comes to iOS and Android-powered smartphones. After all, with the sudden surge in price for Bitcoin, it is imperative that Bitcoins should be kept secure, and HooFoo is able to do its bit to help through such an [Read Entire Story]

Goldman Sachs VP predicts Bitcoin could soon hit $8,000

The break-neck speed rally of Bitcoin has left investors wondering where Bitcoin would finally stabilize. Goldman Sachs believes that $8,000 would be the consolidation level for the current rally. Bitcoin’s price may have smashed through the $5,000, $6,000 and $7,000 levels over the past few weeks, but technical analysts expect it to go higher. The level at which consolidation is expected to occur is $8,000, according to Goldman Sachs. In a note to investors, Goldman Vice President Sheba [Read Entire Story]