The Drill Down 509: CES 2018

On this week's Drill Down podcast, Dwayne goes to CES 2018 and lives to tell the tale Google brings Pay together in one place, can white noise be copyright protected?... and much, much more [...] The post The Drill Down 509: CES 2018 appeared first on Geeks of Doom. SOURCE: Geeks of Doom - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Celebitchy’s most commented stories 2017: Baby fists’ tantrums, Harry’s engagement

2017 was a dumpster fire of a year as you know and it’s not over yet. We went into it knowing that an unhinged orange lying monster was president and it just got worse as the weeks ticked by. We marveled at Trump’s pettiness and thin skin. We learned that so many directors, producers, actors, agents and men in power were rapists, abusers and assailants. We also felt empowered to tell our stories and we opened up a dialogue about sexual harassment and assault. The most eligible royal [Read Entire Story]

Judge Rejects Emoluments Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

A Washington-based ethics group challenged Trump's acceptance of everything from Chinese trademarks to 'Apprentice' revenue, but a judge says it's up to Congress to do anything about more SOURCE: THR, Esq. - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

See Omarosa’s Embarassing, Low-Budget Sci-Fi Film That’s Somehow Not Porn

It’s been a rough week for Omarosa. She got fired from her cushy White House job where she was paid the maximum amount allowed by law for a White House staffer to do PR work, and she may or may not have been dragged off kicking and screaming. I like to imagine she was. A quiet, dignified exit is just not in keeping with the reality show spectacle currently going on in the White House. On top of that, however, a video appeared of Omarosa in the porniest non-porn movie I’ve ever seen. It’s called [Read Entire Story]