Amnesia: Dark Descent

You can find countless horror games. But good horror games are a rarity. You have the usual zombies, vampires and scary monsters game which follow the typical clichéd storyline and don’t offer many thrills. They have the blood and the gore, but there is more to horror than just bloody bits flying around. So we have found a horror game that not only has a smart storyline but is high on spooks and scares. Amnesia: Dark Descent This is a pretty well-known game by now, and there are even reaction [Read Entire Story]

Layers Of Fear Review

Layers Of Fear shows signs of depth. But in the end, all the horror you get is from quick jump scares and surroundings built almost entirely out of tired clichés. Sure the game got some great moments and an overall creepy mood, but it devalues its great moments with cheap scares and loses all its subtlety. Couple that up with unfulfilling puzzle design and you get a disappointing result of what would otherwise be an overall good horror game. From the earliest moments, layers of fear’s Victorian [Read Entire Story]

We Happy Few

We Happy Few is one of the latest, most exciting, indie horror games released this year. It is developed by Compulsion Games and is already out on Steam Early Access and Microsoft Game Preview. Set in a marginal England (1960s) which is showed to be ravaged via struggle and rebuilt by way of delusional people. A place where you have to mingle along with the other natives who follow some of not so much of the special rules of the city. On the full release later this year, it will be available for [Read Entire Story]