House of Havoc: How to Make – and Keep – a Beautiful Home Despite Cheap Spouses, Messy Kids, and Other Difficult Roomates – Marni Jameson

Dis. Bish. I was librarygooglesearching for a book someone else recommended to me and this came up in the listing, and I was like Hullo I have a spouse and some kids and my house is havoc, this is relevant to my interests but FIRST OF THINGS it’s not very helpful, her tips aren’t super revolutionary and she has a very glue-gun-your-curtains-together kind of aesthetic. Not my bag. But SECOND THING IN SEVERAL PARTS: In the ‘Gender Wars’ chapter, she’s like ‘A [Read Entire Story]

Review! This Book Stinks! by Sarah Wassner Flynn

This Book Stinks!: Gross Garbage, Rotten Rubbish, and the Science of Trash By Sarah Wassner Flynn 128 pages – ages 9+ Published by National Geographic Children’s Books on March 28, 2017 Synopsis from Publisher- “Get up close and personal with a wonderful world of waste. From composting and recycling, to landfills and dumps, to how creative people are finding new ways to reuse rubbish. It’s fun to talk trash when it’s jam-packed with infographics, thematic spreads, [Read Entire Story]

Carry On, Warrior – Glennon Doyle Melton

This is the kind of living your best, most honest, most vulnerable, most connected life-type memoir I can get behind. PEOPLE SAYING TRUE SHIT ABOUT STUFF and also about being generous and gentle with each other and ourselves. It’s very Anne Lamott, very Cheryl Strayed. Glennon is a mother of three and former drug addict and felon. SO FUN. This kind of thing is completely my jam these days, about how like AUGH CHILDREN! SO FRUSTRATING! But also (because duh I know they are frustrating I [Read Entire Story]